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Electric Drift Trike

Electric Drift Trike

Welcome to Drift Trikes Australia –  The Leading Retailer of Electronic and Motorised Drift Trikes.

Motorised Drift Tricycle

Pro's and Cons

-  Can Refuel on the Fly
- Lack of Torque
- Noisy and Unreliable
- Need Servicing

Motorized Drift Trikes

Electronic Drift Tricycle

Pro's and Cons

 - Instant Torque
- Higher Top Speed
- Quieter
- Need to be Charged

No More Hills

With a Motor, Every Track is a Downhill Track. You can Slide to your Heart's Desire.

Rear Wheel Drive

Drift vs Power Slide you Ask? Power Slide Every Time! Rear Wheel Drive is Always Superior

Huge Power

Don't Underestimate the Torque of a Lithium Powered Electric Motor. Not for the Faint of Heart!

Learn More about Electric Drift Trike 's

Drift Trikes have long been an exciting, adrenaline fuelled sport that could have you in the sun having fun for hours at a time. However, before the adoption of Electronic Powered DC or AC motors, the only way of propelling a Trike was with petrol generator motors. This was noisy, inconvenient and overall inefficient. 

Electric Drift Trike

With the introduction of Electronic Drive Motors, and High Energy density battery cells, we are now able to effectively drive the front or rear wheels with next to no effort. Electric Drift Trike options are as follows; Rear Wheel Drive 1500w Lithium and 1000w Front Wheel Drive Lead Acid Models.

At this point in time, the only Electric Drift Trike Option that we chose to sell is the Rear Wheel Drive model, as it combines the best experience to our customers.

Choosing to go electric with your Drift Trike has many benefits that you may not recognise at first. Things such as: Massively Increased Torque, Higher Top Speeds and Longer Duration of Use. Not only are these performance based benefits are massive bonus, but also remember that there will be reduced noise, reduced pollution and more efficient use of weight leading for a higher power to weight ratio. 

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Electric Drift Trike

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Electric Drift Trike

A drift bicycle is a recreational bicycle that sports and adventure lovers love the most. These drifting trikes provide thrilling rides and opportunities to take part in outdoor activities and improve your social interaction in the community. The electric drift trike kit is a power-assisted trike, and you need not paddle all the way to drive the trike and yourself. The electric motor provides instant power and you can travel and climb high altitudes. Our motor drift trikes offer a blazing speed, and you can enjoy your ride without any sign of fatigue.

Drift Trike KitBenefits of the Electric Drift Trike Kit

The electric drift trike kit is a must for people who struggle with paddle-assist trikes. This trike kit provides immense power and torque from the very first second you push the throttle. One of the main advantages of e-drifting kits is their ability to be refuelled easily from fuel stations.

Here are the key features of our electric kits for drift trikes:

  • Electric drift trike kit provides instant torque
  • You get a higher top speed than a powered drift trike
  • e-Drift trike offers no noise pollution

Components of Drift Trikes

Drift Trikes provide an exciting fusion of speed, maneuverability, and the sheer thrill of drifting, captivating the hearts of adventure seekers worldwide. Central to the allure and functionality of drift trikes are their critical components, each playing a pivotal role in delivering the unique riding experience that these vehicles are known for.

Drift Trike Frame

As the drifting trike frame is a foundational element, acting as the structural backbone that supports the overall build and integrity of the trike, we ensure a robust design is intact. Crafted from high-grade materials like steel or aluminum, our drift trike frames strike an optimal balance between durability and lightweight construction. These trikes are tested for safety and ease of handling under diverse drifting conditions.

Front Wheel and Fork

Moving beyond the frame, the front wheel and fork combination becomes instrumental in defining the trike’s steering and handling characteristics. We at Drift Trike Australia engineered the front wheels to provide exceptional grip and stability, a necessity for maintaining control during high-speed drifts and when executing precise turns.

Complementing the wheels, the forks are tailored for accurate and responsive steering, allowing riders to effortlessly maneuver through various terrains with confidence. Together, these components not only contribute to the distinctive performance of drift trikes but also underscore the quality and innovation that Drift Trike Australia brings to enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled drifting experience.

Drift Bicycle WheelDrift Bicycle Wheel

Drift bicycle wheels are an essential component for any drift trike enthusiast seeking to enhance their riding experience. At Drift Trike Australia, we specialise in providing high-quality, durable wheels designed specifically for the unique demands of drift triking. Our wheels ensure smooth rides and exceptional control during high-speed drifting adventures.

Drift Bicycle Wheel Ensure Durability and Performance

Our design of drift bicycle wheel is crafted from premium materials, ensuring they withstand the rigours of drifting on various terrains. The design focuses on delivering a balance between lightweight construction for agility and robustness for longevity, offering riders peace of mind and unmatched performance.

Drift Trike Axle and WheelsDrift Trike Axle and Wheels

The drift trike axle and wheels are critical for the stability and performance of your drift trike. At Drift Trike Australia, we offer a comprehensive range of axles and wheel setups that cater to both novice riders and seasoned professionals. Our products are engineered to provide the perfect blend of durability and performance, making every drift session exhilarating.

Drift Trike Axle and Wheels – Phenomenal and Precision Engineering

The combination of each axle and wheel of drift trike is meticulously designed to ensure optimal alignment and balance, crucial for achieving the perfect drift. Our precision-engineered components are tested rigorously to meet the highest standards, ensuring that you experience unparalleled control and stability at any speed.

Adult Drift Trike KitAdult Drift Trike Kit

The Adult Drift Trike Kit from Drift Trike Australia is designed for adventure seekers looking to elevate their drifting experience. Our kits include everything you need to transform your ride into a high-performance drift trike, capable of conquering any terrain with ease. Ideal for adults seeking thrill and excitement, our kits are the gateway to a new level of outdoor adventure.

Adult Drift Trike Kit with Easy Assembly and Customization

Our Adult Drift Trike Kits are user-friendly, with straightforward assembly instructions that allow for quick and easy setup. They also offer ample customization options, enabling riders to personalize their trikes according to their preferences and riding styles. Whether you’re looking to upgrade speed, comfort, or aesthetics, our kits provide the flexibility to create your ultimate drift machine.

By choosing Drift Trike Australia for your drifting needs, you’re not just getting a product; you’re investing in an experience. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures that every ride is thrilling, safe, and unforgettable.

Get Drift Trike Kits and Accessories

Drift Trike Australia stands at the forefront of delivering an unmatched drifting experience, offering an extensive array of high-quality components and kits tailored to elevate your ride. Whether you’re in the market to buy a trike for thrilling drifting experience, seeking the precision and durability of our drift bicycle collection, we have everything you need to transform your adventure. Each product in our range is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring maximum performance, safety, and enjoyment.

Embrace the thrill of the drift with Drift Trike Australia, where our commitment to excellence guarantees you not just a product, but an adventure that redefines the boundaries of fun and excitement on three wheels. Ride with us, and experience the pinnacle of drifting performance that only we can offer.

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