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Warranty Information

Warranty Terms are Specific to Each Category

View each Category on the Right, and Use the Drop Down Bar to Find Out More:

Drift Trikes Warranty

Covered Under a One Year Warranty (When Purchased with the Complete Drift Trike):

  • Motor Controllers (1 Year Warranty)
  • Lithium Battery (1 Year Warranty/1000 Charge Cycles (Whichever comes first) )
  • Rear Hub Motors (1 Year Warranty)
  • Hydraulic Brakes (Not including Brake Pads) (1 Year Warranty) 
  • Chassis from Structural Failure (Under NO Crash Circumstances) (1 Year Warranty)
  • Throttle Controller (Potentiometer) Hand Piece (1 Year Warranty)
  • Battery Charger Used (1 Year Warranty)

Under these Circumstances would Components not be covered: 

  • Any Water Damage What-So-Ever
  • Any Battery Damage caused by total discharge over long periods of time (can be detected with our battery scanner)
  • Any Battery Damaged caused by penetration or piercing of the battery case. 
  • Any Rear Hub Motor damage caused by water or collision.
  • Hydraulic brakes damage caused by collision or catching on surfaces or structures. 
  • Chassis bending, snapping or total destruction caused by collision, over weight rider or Water/Rust.
  • Throttle Controller Damage Caused by Collision or Improper Handling.
  • Battery Charger Damaged caused by severed wire, suffocation and more. 
Tires and Wheels Warranty

Rear Tires:

  • Rear Tires are protected by the Exterior sleeve and should not see premature failure due to their lack of contact with the ground. 

Warranty on Tires and Interior Tubes would be Denied under the following Circumstances:

  • Over Inflation Beyond the Desired Amount Outlined on the Side of the Tire.
  • Impact or Collision with Structures or Surfaces.
  • Improper Installation the the Drifting Sleeve. 
Drifting Sleeves Warranty

Due to the Nature of the Aport, Drifting Sleeves by Default are NOT Covered Under any Form of Warranty other Than on first unboxing. 

External L.E.D Lights Warranty

Our External L.E.D Underbody Lights include a 1 Year Warranty when Installed Correctly according to the included instructions. 

Reasons why Warranty May Not be Approved:

  • Water Damage
  • Scrapping, Tearing of the L.E.D Lights 
  • Improper Installation

See our Youtube Channel Here to Find Out More about Proper Installation. 


External Radio Headunit Kits Warranty

Our Aftermarket Radio Head Units include a One Year Warranty on Speakers, Internal Amplifiers and U.I components. 

Reasons why Warranty could be denied:

  • Water Damage
  • Collision Caused by Misuse, Improper Installation
  • Under Voltage and Extended periods of time where the internal battery is depleted.

Learn More about the Speaker Here on our Youtube Channel

External Lithium Battery Warranty

Any External Lithium Battery Purchased through us includes a One Year Warranty when the battery is well looked after, and store in a room temperature area when not in use.

Examples where warranty might be denied include: 

  • Storing the Battery in a fully discharged state for extended periods of time
  • Overheating of the lithium battery due to improper use, or, a extreme room temperature location. 

To learn how to properly look after your lithium battery, checkout our Youtube Channel here

More information will be added to this page over time. 

View Terms and Conditions here

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