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How are the Units Shipped?

As the product does not have a physical drive shaft, the unit its-self is not wide and is easily transported. The Majority of our Products are Shipped with TNT and Allied Express. Historically, our goods are delivered within 2-4 business days, and are dispatched from our warehouse 1 Business day after the initial purchase.

If I have issues with my Trike, What happens?

We know our Trikes inside and out! Diagnostics is easy and can be done over the phone with one our customer service representatives. If the unit breaks in any way (Covered by Warranty) we will Either A) Get the unit back to our shop for repair or B) Send out the Replacement Parts Free of Charge to repair the Unit. See More Information Regarding Warranty on the Warranty Page. 

Whats the best way to Charge my Trike?

  1. Charging your lithium battery in a well ventilated, room temperature area will extend the life of your lithium battery.
  2. Avoid completely discharging your lithium battery when in use. 
  3. If Possible, when the trike is not in use, do not leave the unit fully charged. Its best to store your trike in a 50-70% charged state. 

How do I change the Rear Tire Sleeves?

Changing the Rear Slide Sleeve is super easy! Checkout our Youtube Video here. Total time to change is about 5 minutes. Speciality tool required is a Tire Pump

How do I order Replacement Parts?

Please checkout our replacement parts section here. We have the complete range for you to perform your own repairs on our range of trikes. Any questions, our live chat is available in the bottom right corner. 

Do you offer any Upgrades, Accessories?

Yes. We have a complete selection of Upgrades and Accessories with new products coming out weekly. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about our new releases. 

Whats it like compared to petrol?

Lighter, Faster, More convenient quieter… The list goes on. From a Petrol Rider to an electrical, trust me your going to love it! 

Is it safe for a 8-12 year old?

Within Reason. Just like an electric scooter, there will always be risks associated with riding electronic devices outdoors. However, the design of the machine is accommodating for all age groups, from 10 to 60 years old. 

Whats the Real Run Time for the Mark One?

Under heavy acceleration and cornering we can expect the Mark One’s Run Time off a Fully Charged Battery to be between 35-45 Minutes. We have spare batteries available in our Shop which you can swap out to continue riding. 

Can a Heavier Rider Ride the Mark One?

Yes. While its recommended that riders do not exceed 100kg, the chassis can support up to 120kg without concern. The Ride Time and Acceleration will be reduced.  

What Forms of Payment do you Accept?

We Accept Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card, After-pay, Zip Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. We also accept Cash on Delivery to Local Customers, and Direct Bank Transfer for Customers that are not Local. 

Whats the Return Policy?

Returning your Products within 7 Days is Accepted. However, you will be required to pay the return cost for anything over 1kg. Please see more information here.

Is it easy to change the Sleeves?

Yes! It takes about 5 Minutes each side if you have a Hammer and a Tire Pump! 

What is the Weight of the Mark One?

The Weight of the Mark One with the 12.5 AH LiPO Battery is 38KG. Easily liftable. Can put inside of Hatch Back Corolla Etc. 

Does the Mark One Come Assembled?

It comes in two seperate does, partially assembled. The major components including the eletrical wiring, computers and rear wheels (and motors) come assembled in BOX One. Box Two has the remaining parts the must be added to the main unit. It takes about 15 minutes and there is a tutorial to build it on our channel.

Is there a Gift Option on Checkout?

Yes. On checkout you can add the ‘This is a Gift Option’ which will allow you to request custom packaging and design as a gift. We can also include birthday cards etc etc on the package. 

Does the Display on the Mark One show speed?

No, It doesn’t. 

Can you ride the Mark One on Grass?

The Mark One can be taken anywhere a Regular Electric Scooter can go. Its extremely versatile. 

Whats the acceleration like?

The Mark Ones acceleration is outstanding. With two independent motor controllers, the maximum power of 1500w represents ALOT of power for a Small Trike. Don’t worry about power thats for sure! 

Must the Drift Sleeves be on at all times?

You could ride the Mark One without sleeves for its entire life. It just wouldn’t drift! 

Can you change the top speed?

No. Its a fixed top speed. Don’t worry, your getting all the power it can produce! 

Is there a way to make it not drift?

Remove the sleeves. 

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