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How to Build a Drift Trike

Assembly of Our Drift Trike Models

Step one

Remove all Drift Trikes Components from Packaging, placing them from Left to Right as Per Leaflet Instructions Indicates. Cannot Find Instructions? Click Here.  

Step Two

Being by Following Assembly the Main Chassis, Using the Bolts outlined in the Leaflet Instructions to ensure Properly Assembly. When Studying How to Build a Drift Trike, its important that the Correct Bolts are Used. 

Step Three

Once the Frame has been Assembled as per the Leaflet Instructions Included with the Craft, It’s time to install the Battery, Drive Motors and Front Disc-brake assembly. If you require extra assistance, remember you can use the Live-chat. 

Step Four

Once Step Three is Completed in respect to the Included Instructions, its now time to test to make sure the Unit Is running properly. Have a Helper Lift the rear of the unit, switching the Key on and pulling the throttle gently. Assure the unit begins to drive. 

Step Five

Now we have confirmed the unit is ready to drive, it’s now time to install our drift PVC sleeves. See our youtube channel to learn how to do this. It’s important it’s done properly. Visit our Youtube Channel

Require Further Help?

Instruction Leaflet Not Enough? Need Video to Learn How to Build a Drift Trike?

How to Build a Drift Trike

Learning How to Build a Drift Trike?

Why Learn how to Build a Drift Trike when you can purchase Pre-Fabricated Electronic Drift Trikes at a fraction of the cost of Buying them yourself? 

Realise now that the cost of your Manual Labour is going to massively outweigh the cost of purchasing complete kits from us.. Worried about Performance? Don’t! Our Off the Shelf Drift Trikes out perform our Own Home Made Drift Trikes that were developed with ONLY performance in mind. That means you’re getting the maximum performance at a relative price when compared to DIY jobs. 

So Instead of Trying to Learn How to Build a Drift Trike, Buy one our kits today! Risk Free with Free Returns for unwanted goods. 

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